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Updated: 11th April 2000
Version 1.21

Summary of Features

bcnu is a web based system management tool which delivers information on the status of networked systems in a simple and easy to use manner. Have a look at the sample screens to see how easy it is. It uses a web browser to display information about hosts in a tabular form. Coloured icons show the status of monitored conditions and clicking on these will bring up detail about the state of the system. Historical information can be held indefinitely and there is a powerful query tool available to interrogate it. More details can be found here.

bcnu can be managed from a central unix system, with all agents, scripts and config files distributed from one point using the supplied shell scripts. It will soon be possible to configure agents from a web browser.

bcnu has a very open architecture. The agents are currently bourne shell scripts, but can be any program. There are a set of standard shell functions available to make interfacing with bcnu very easy. It is a simple matter to modify existing scripts to talk to bcnu. These will have all the benefits of bcnu agents, e.g. logging, resending, proxy etc. I would be happy to receive your agents to include with the distribution

bcnu has been designed to be very simple to implement. By default it is configured to make very little impact on the managed system. Logging levels can be set for each agent separately. It is possible to set an agent only to log in the event of an error.

Monitoring of network devices can be spread over multiple machines, all may have different checking and logging intervals. e.g. you may wish to check all web servers every 5 minutes, application servers every 10 minutes, but mail or print servers only every 30 minutes. This is easy with bcnu due to the flexible agent architecture.

Its main features:

  • easy to use
  • simple agent based monitoring with flexible thresholds
  • multiple views of the same information
  • includes agent scheduler for total flexibility
  • automatic logging and resend of messages
  • discover agent to build a picture of your system automatically
  • built in web server for static pages
  • powerful cgi access to data including multiple views and historical queries
  • free!! (Distributed under the terms of the Artistic licence)
Standard agents include:
  • network monitor, ping, http, ftp , mail, lpd, oracle etc
  • intelligent log file scanning for messages and warnings
  • checking for required processes to be running
  • filesystem mount status and space usage
  • processor/memory usage and system up time
Special agents include:
  • volume management checks for solaris,aix and hpux
  • system availibility
Admin agents include:
  • logging and resending of agent data
  • agent proxy
  • alerts sent by mail, pager, win32popup, web, Perl/TK window or custom program
  • report of all errors and warnings
  • self monitoring and alerting agent (runs on another system)
  • discovery of systems to be managed
  • optional static web page built to show status of all systems
Contributed agents include:
  • Critical file checker - checks to see if important files have been changed
  • oracle table space monitor
  • check oracle backup log agent

You can email me at or subscribe to the low volume mailing list
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