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Updated: 19th April 2000
Version 1.22
Download bcnu 1.22 for Unix
You can download the full bcnu distribution here (625942 bytes). The package contains all source and binaries for bcnu version 1.22.
Binaries are for: solaris(sparc), hpux, aix, freebsd, drsnx, linux(Redhat 5.2)

The source only distribution is here (424822 bytes). This should build on a lot of Unix platforms, although it has only been tested on those listed above.

These distributions are gzipped tar archives.

Html, text and some pod and man documentation is also provided in the package.

Download BETA snapshot of bcnu 1.23 for Unix
If you like excitement and don't expect things to work first time every time, you can download the source only bcnu distribution here ( bytes). The package contains source only - no binaries, all the latest agents, scripts etc which are in development. It will be pretty stable - but no guarantees (are there ever any?)

The documentation will not be updated until the full release - so use the mailing list if you need any assistance

Quick Install of bcnu for Unix
To install the package for the impatient:

cd /usr/local (preferred location)
gzip -dc bcnu-1.22.tgz | tar xvf -
cd /usr/local/bcnu
/usr/local/bcnu/etc/bcnud_server start

This will start a basic bcnu configuration on this system. See the README document and the admin guide for further instructions.

Feedback welcome!

Download/Install win32 bcnualert program
You can download the latest version (1.12) of the win32 alert program here

This has been tested on Windows 95, but should work on any win32 system

Because of the size of some of the Microsoft system files, I've split it into two packages. If you don't have the files mscomctl.ocx and msvbvm60.dll installed already then you need to download them here (1201552 bytes) or from any windows driver site and place the files in your windows system directory.

If you already have those files then you only need the setup package for bcnualert 1.12 (516517 bytes)

To install this, you just need to unpack it and run the setup program. When you run it for the first time, it will pop up a settings page which will ask for:

  • master host name - the pc registers itself with the master host
  • bcnu port number - port number of bcnud, normally 6666
  • check interval - how often the pc will check that the master is still alive
  • This PC's id - How this pc is identified (should be valid unix filename format)
The settings will be saved to the registry and bcnualert will then wait for any alerts to be sent to it and checking that all is well with the master host. See the sample pages for an example of the program in use.

You can email me at or subscribe to the low volume mailing list
© 1999,2000 John Phillips All rights reserved

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