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Updated: 5th May 2000
Version 1.21
Sample pages

These pages are designed to show how the web monitoring pages of bcnu look.

The pages which are displayed have been generated from a live system but the data has been changed to show examples of bcnu output.

The pages here show a variety of systems from full unix servers with all agents, nt servers with web/ftp services, win9n pc's acting as alert agents and routers. We also monitor a host on the internet to check our connection with the outside world is ok

There is also a non-working example of the query page which is available when using the perl cgi scripts

It is possible to drill down within each page and get more detail where available by clicking on the hyperlinks. Although there is a login button, this is disabled as the features provided are only available using the cgi scripts.

  • Show the summary status of all the systems being monitored
  • Show only abnormal conditions for all systems
  • Show hosts split into platforms for all systems
  • Non-working example of the query selection screen available using cgi and the history files

The dynamic cgi pages look the same except that there are some very important extra options:

  • the query tool allows searching all of the data files which are available.
  • a history of unacknowledged alerts is shown to ensure that you don't miss any
  • You can only ignore hosts(switch off alerts) by logging in
Win32 Alerts

Here is a sample of the win32 alert program showing some alerts, please imagine that you can hear a siren or some other sound file while looking at this to get the full effect!


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